Facebook Buy Sell Trade – How to Sell on Facebook MarketPlace

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Facebook Buy Sell Trade – How to Sell on Facebook MarketPlace

If you are familiar with facebook platform, you will agree with me that facebook is not just a place or platform, to chat, make new friends, find a date and have fun.


The Facebook platform isn’t just a messaging app or one meant for leisure. The Facebook Buy Sell Trade feature is one that you can’t avoid not to utilize.

We know quite well that Facebook app was created for users to be able to communicate, converse with both old and new friends including family that alone made the platform popular and its currently used almost everyone.

Right on the platform, there are various features which include chatting, updating of videos, photos, and standing updates, news updates, entertainment, marketplace.

Facebook Buy Sell Trade

This is just like a marketplace for users to buy and also sell goods to their customers to make use of this particular features, you will need a facebook account to get you started.

Since the platform have numerous users not just that they are active in the sense they can interact and also communicate among themselves making the platform a good one to trade.

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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

When the  FB marketplace is talked about, it simple means a location that users place their the items they want to sell to other interested users.

Once the items are placed, interested buyers will access the items through the marketplace to look for your products.

If possible, purchase the product. The simple guideline below is how you can place or sell an item on facebook

  • Visit and log in to your account on facebook, once that is done, highest of the page, click on Marketplace or the shop icon.
  • Then, in the marketplace, tap Sell type in the details of the items you want to sell like name, price, location, description, and pictures of the things.
  • Tap on post, after filling within the details of the things.

That you have done, will make your item visible to other users by Facebook.

other users there, they can now access this marketplace, find a products, and make purchase.

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Facebook Buy Sell Pages

On this area of facebook, you can also sell your products aside from the groups.

  • On the page, fill within the details of the things within the status box tagged as Write something.
  • If you’re through with the small print and tap on post.

The guideline above is how you can buy or sell on Facebook buy-sell pages.

Facebook Buy Sell Groups

On facebook, there are buy and sell groups on these groups, you can place your products and get buyers that will want to buy from you.

  • Visit and log in to your account.
  • On your news feed, use the search icon to look for buy and sell groups.
  • Open the group and tap, what are you selling?
  • Provide the name, price, location, description, and pictures of the things on sale.
  • Finally, tap on post, after have filled in the essential details

With that you have done, users, will locate or find your product and declare interest then you will make a sell.

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