Facebook Group Games – Facebook Games to Increase Engagement

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Facebook Group Games – Facebook Games to Increase Engagement


On the facebook platform, there are a lot of things that could keep you busy and one of the feature facebbook games playing group games has been a good way of having fun and feeling stress-free.

Facebook Group Games

Facebook Group games are games provided by facebook for users to connect make them participate, compete for formularization and efficient communication among group members.

Facebook groups are created for users with like minds to connect, share information and interact while on the group, that makes playing of games

is the best way to help facilitate it so when there is a new comer it can be used to familiarize with the new person. To get the full details about this post kindly read though till the end.

Facebook Group Games – About Facebook

Facebook been a social media platform is a place where users create an account to interact, communicate with friends and family been the oldest platform it have alot of active users who are currently enjoying all the feature.

here are some of the fundamentals of Facebook that means while using the platform you will benefit from the following;

  • Sign up to connect with friends, Share photos, videos, and memories.
  • On Facebook you get push notifications
  • Use the games feature to play games with friends and family.
  • Get to back up photos by saving them to your albums.
  • Make friends and follow your favorite websites, artists, for updates.
  • Use Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell products
  • Facebook Dating Features.
  • Watch live videos.
  • Use the Facebook blogging write post and make it go live

Facebook Party App for My Android Phone

Facebook Downloading this app on your mobile device is very easy. Anyone can download the Facebook mobile app and on any device as long as it internet enabled.

To download any of the Facebook mobile apps, follow the steps below;

  • Open your devices app store.
  • Search for any of the Facebook mobile apps listed above.
  • From the search result click on install or get according to your device to start the download of the app to your device.

The app will be downloaded immediately to your phone..

Group Games for Facebook

Facebook Games are  games are played by members in a community within the platform. The platform has created lots of games for users to play and compete with others and also party games to increase engagement.

Facebook games are free to play and you compete with friends or group members. Games like mad libs, hangman, boggle, anagrams, etc can actually bring life to your group. 

Facebook Group Engagement Games

Facebook group games can pave way for the group to get more engagement if you are putting more   content to still retain your audience and engage them you might meet your goal which is good.

as a result, you might be overlooking the fun and exciting Instead of the posts and content, also try Facebook group game.

there are lots of games to play on Facebook, is good to know the right game to play in your group for it to get engagement.

Here, is the list of games to play in your group to get user engagement they include; Hangman, Mad Libs, Anagrams and more. below are some games that you can play in group and increase engagement.


Hangman is a classic word game that helps individuals keep their audience engaged and entertained. The best way to go about this game is to create an ASCII character hangman in other to update how the audience is winning. Reply with comments with the latest updates while members are guessing with letters. Hangman is a game you need to try in your group and see fast results.

ABC Come Play With Me! Alphabet Game

Have your guests go to your website and find products by name they could view all that you have. There, the first person starts with a product that begins with the letter A, while the other B, and so on.

The object of the game is to go through the entire alphabet and have your guests keep commenting and participating until a random winner is drawn or you can make it more competitive and the person with the most comments is the winner.


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Ugly Jewelry Contest

Everyone has gotten a piece of jewelry handed down or gifted to them that isn’t, well, all that pretty – and this game is where they get to show it off! If someone doesn’t have an actual item they can do a Google search and still get in on the action. It’s up to you to choose the absolute ugliest piece to win. Great for bags too! You know you’ve been wanting to sport that fanny pack!

Mad Libs

This is another great choice to use. Mad libs are easy for the players to provide answers that they would like to share.

The game sets up a story framework for the players and input blanks for key nouns and also verbs that require inputs.

Group admins can make use of text posts to set the first part of the game and then et members r users submit their additions to the story using the comment box.

Post the funniest and entertaining ones and also the well-done ones. Then you can give out prizes if you want.

Scavenger Hunt 

Send your guests on a fast paced hunt through their own house by listing 5 things on an image that they have to go find and then take ONE picture with all the items in it. First one to comment with their photo wins! So easy and everyone loves it!


Anagrams is a simple fun word game that makes use of tiles in order to create words from the jumbled messed letters.

On the group, provide pictures of the tile set up. Then keep track of the tiles that are not being used by the winners to retain it. Anagrams game is another great game you can try on your Facebook group to get your audience more engaged.

Party Points Game

People love racking up points and this game is sure to get them going! Post a pre-post in your party that explains what the system is and it’s up to you to keep track of what everyone’s doing so get out your pen and paper and whoever ends up with the most points when the party closes, wins!

Free CinchShare Game Folders

Visit and login to CinchShare and click these links and score 26 free games!
10 Engaging Party Games – https://cnch.us/qjxxtr
16 Year Round Games – https://cnch.us/neuwe9

What is a Facbook watch party

This is a  feature of facebook for groups. The tool enable admins to hold a live screening of pre-recorded videos that are publicly available on Facebook Group members can all watch and comment on the videos.


How to Create Watch Party in a Group


follow the guide to create a watch party in a group:

  • From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.


  • Click Write Post at the top of the group, then click Watch Party.


  • Search for a video or click a category (example: For You, Watched, Live) to view additional videos, click Add to Queue next to any videos you’d like to add to your watch party, then click Done.


  • You can choose to add a description for your watch party, then click Post. You’ll see a message that says “Your Watch Party Is About To Begin.”
  • To add group members to your watch party, type their name and click  Invite next to their name. Any people you invite will receive a notification that they’ve been invited to join your watch party. When someone joins, you’ll see their profile picture in the bottom left of your screen.


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