Fb Ads Manager – A complete Guide on How to Create Facebook Ads Manager

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Fb Ads Manager – A complete Guide on How to Create Facebook Ads Manager

This entails a tool on Facebook that enable you to create and also manage your Facebook ads with that, you can make changes, and see results for all your Facebook campaign.


By making use of facebook manager tool you have full right to Create and run their own ads on Fb, select your target audience,

Set up their ad budget, Monitor the performance of their ad and See their billing and payment history.

To locate facebook ads manager, visit www.facebook.com/adsmanager/manage/. With Ads Manager you can: Create ad campaigns.

Fb Ads Manager

Fb ads manager remains an excellent tool that is  utilized to manage your ads on the platform.

On finishing this write up, you will get to know how you can create a facebook ads manager,

when you should make use of the manager and lot more. Don’t go anywhere keep reading to get it all.

Where is Fb Ads Manager

Before you will get to know how to create Fb ads manager lets first of all, know where we can locate Fb manager.

  • From your Fb business page,
  •  click on the drop-down arrow at the top of the page
  • Then, select Manage Ads from the menu
  • You would then be directed to your Ad Accounts page, where an overview of the all Ad accounts summary will appear.
  • After that, choose the Ad Account you would like to use

How to Create Ads Account

This is particularly for those who could not locate the ad account and want to generate a new account. Here is what to do:

  • Click on Ad accounts, select Add new Ad Accounts and then click on Create New account.
  • On the Create Ad Account form that will be displayed on the page, type in the Name of the Ad account. The person or company you are advertising on behalf of, Time zone of the place, Currency being used and the payment method of the account. And then click on Create Ad Account.
  • Once the account has been created, you would have to add four people to the account and assign each person to a role.

How to Create Facebook Ads With Ad Manager

To run and create ads on facebook can be a little bit challenging I won’t say it’s that difficult though a good goals or objectives can go a long way in helping you run a successful ads on your platform.

In order to create a facebook ads, do the following:

  • Choose the Right Ad Objective

For every business to be successful, setting an objective is the key to achieving  your goal.

While trying to create an Fb ads account you will be required to  select the objective of the campaign.

It is vital that you select an objective because it is used by Facebook to ascertain the basics of the Ad campaign.

What you are deciding on, will be focused mainly on thus: Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, Reach. Also, Traffic, Engagement, App Installs,

Video Views, Lead Generation, Conversions, Product Catalog Sales, Store Traffic and  Messages.

  • Once you are done with all that, the next thing is to name the Campaign.
  • Afterwards, set your target audience
  • Select Ad Placement.
  • Set up the Campaign bidding, budget, and schedule.
  • Create the ad campaign with the format you want to for the ad.
  • Place the order.

Facebook reviews your ads campaign once its in line with terms,  it will go live you can now use your Fb Ads Manager to monitor the performance of the ad campaign.

When can I Use Facebook Ads Manger?

You can use your facebook ads manager when you want to:

  • duplicate your ads, ad sets and advertising campaigns.
  • Edit all your ad settings, such as targeting and budget, from one place.
  • See all of the metrics that matter to you in one consolidated view.
  • Analyse results and make informed changes to your ads and campaigns.
  • Customise your graphs and tables to see the metrics that are most important to you.

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Facebook messenger ads

Facebook messenger ads is mainly one of the advertisement on facebook designed to start instant message-based conversations with potential customers.

These mode of advert is more personal than that of the standard display ads the messenger ads is known to have a great conversion rates and response rates.

With the FB messenger ads you can chat directly with your consumers and it a great deal for businesses in competitive industries like e-commerce.

The 2 Types of Facebook Messenger Ads

The major types of Facebook Messenger ads include:

sponsored messages and click-to-Messenger ads. where that of the sponsored to messages ads displays in a Facebook user’s Messenger chat box and begins a conversion,

While that of the click-to-Messenger ads referred to the standard Facebook display ads that push users who click on the ad to a Messenger chat instead of a landing page.

With this i know you can now be able to generate your own Facebook Ads With Ad Manager, you’v also known where to locate your ads manager or well create new one for those who are yet to have one.

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