Google Alert Set Up – Google monitoring tool, How to Set Up Google Alert

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Google Alert Set Up – Google monitoring tool, How to Set Up Google Alert

If you have ever wished to get to monitor what is happening and also the web for mentions of your name, business, and competition using the Google Alerts, all that can be done at ease.


Once this service is involved, you are sure of efficiency and accuracy as to the result you will get the Google alerts is one of the most resourceful online tool to make use of.

With Google alert, a lot and more can be achieved but if you do not know how to use the service, then, this article is for you just keep reading to get full details.

This is a service that alerts you and also helps you monitor the web and more as said earlier, through it, you will know the sites linking to you, and you get new and interesting content.

Google Alert

Google Alerts is an online tool and a service developed as a feature of Google. The Google alert service offers detection and notification.

It helps send notifications through alerts via emails to user whenever a new thing is find such as web pages, blogs, scientific research, focusing on a user search term.

It can be used to keep tracks or tabs of those mentioning you, your product, news headlines, services.

Google Alerts Web

Google Alerts is a resourceful service tool that is provided for users to access for free this in return help users monitor the mentions and more and keeps you updated regardless your location.

Accessing this service, will require you to go through the Google website you can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google search effortlessly.

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How to Set Up Google alert, get notification from Google by setting it up using the guideline below;

  • Visit, then, fill in a topic you wish to follow.
  • You can change the settings if you want to, tap on “Show Options”.
  • Next,  select how often you wish to get notifications.
  • The sites you want to see.
  • Your language and the part of the world you want it from.
  • The number of results you wish to see.
  • The accounts that you want the alerts sent to.
  • Finally, hit on “Create Alert”.

The alert would be created. You would be notified by emails whenever a matching search result is seen.

Google Alert Center

To change this alert, you can use different options. The editing process is easy and you can make use of the process below

  • Go to the alert page also go alert you wish to change, hit on “Edit”, it is presented with a pencil-like icon.
  • If there are no options, hit on “Show Options”.
  • From the list that would be displayed, make the changes you want to.
  • Hit on “Update Alert”.
  • To change how you get the alerts, hit on “Settings”. And check the options you like and Save.

Google alerts will send you emails whenever a search is similar to the keyphrase is found.

How to Delete Google Alert?

Here is what you will do to delete the alert just go to the alerts page.

And go the alert, you wish to remove or delete, hit on “Delete”.

Alerts can also be deleted by hitting on the “Unsubscribe” option at the bottom of an alert email.

If done, you would no longer receive Google Alerts on your mailbox.

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