MoneyGram Tracking Guideline – Track Online Your MoneyGram Transfer

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Sending money between countries can be done using diverse means you can decide to use western Union or Moneygram pending on the one ou think best suite you.


Making use of MoneyGram, one will be able to post as well recieve money from any part of the world.

Some banks due act as an agent for this organizations since they are money transfer company that is widely used in many countries across the world.

Sending money through money gram can be done through various mean including cash, in-store or online and app.

On the other hand, the money posted can be tracked this is to ensure that the transfer made gets to your recipient with no issues.

Here, there is a chance for you to get to make it happen as we dive further in this, you will get to

Know about MoneyGram and how you can track your transfer with this service.


MoneyGram International Inc as an American money transfer company has base operation in St. Louis Park Minnestota and its headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Moneygram has regional and local services in numerous countries across the world.

Sending and receiving money is not only what moneygram do there are room for payment of bills with.

The brand is reliable with more than 30 thousand locations across the United States.

MoneyGram Tracking

With the aid of moneyGram tracking you can monitor the status of MoneyGram transfer without stress using s reference number.

There are things that you need to take note of in order to begin the tracking process, here, you are to take not of the date the transfer was made.

Again, moneyGram offers refunds mostly when the recipient does not receive money after two weeks.

To make that work, you will have to fill out a request form and request for a photocopy.

Since we are now aware of moneygram and all it entails, lets now see the tranking process

MoneyGram Fund Transfer system

MoneyGram fund transfer system lets two users from different corners of the world send funds between themselves.

The process is extremely fast, and it can be tracked at all stages right from the website.

Whenever you send money to someone via MoneyGram, you receive MoneyGram MTCN tracking number.

The MTCN denotes Money Transfer Control Number that is offered with every transaction.

It is used to track the money online, which is the most convenient and simple method of tracking.

Money sender provides MoneyGram MTCN tracking, and money receiver can keep an eye on the transaction and know when it is time to visit a nearby office and ask for cash.

How to Track a Moneygram Transfer

Here, you will have to make available your authorization number including your last name. Now here are the steps to tracking your transfer online.

  • Go to the MoneyGram tracking portal via.
  • Enter the authorization or reference number.
  • Then,enter your last name.
  • Click on “Track” option.

Here, authorization or reference number is a unique number used for tracking purposes.

You can find it in the confirmation email of the sender.

At the same time, the eight-digit reference number is assigned to a successful money transfer.

For a recipient to pick up cash, he/she will need this number.

The authorization number is given via email to the sender.

Anyone whether receiver or the sender can track the cash transfer.

It is essential you send money to the correct recipient  to avoid sending the money at the wrong location.

How To Receive Money From A  MoneyGram Location

  • Firstly, you have to find a MoneyGram agent location.
  • You will be issued a form, It will be required you enter the 8 digit reference number.
  • After you enter the reference number, hand the completed form with your valid photo I.D with the transfer fee to the agent.

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