Skype for Business Conference Call – How To Make A Skype For Business Conference Call

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Skype for Business Conference Call – How To Make A Skype For Business Conference Call

I wouldn’t have been able to figured out how the business world would have been without the internet thanks to the technology.

Skype for Business Conference Call

The technology has made it very easy for a whole lots of business developments to have smooth way of  and easy operations both far and near.

Owning to that fact, so many business can be perfectly carried out online using the internet web or social applications without delays.

Thus, technology can aid us in terms of schedulling our day to day activities, file transfers, video conferencing and more.

Skype for Business Conference Call

Skype and other social media platform indeed have gone a long way to makes the world of business easy thumbs up for the inventors!!!!

Skype was develop for video calls and more and also brought the skype for Business feature basically for business purposes.

The skype for business Conference Call enables business enterprises have meetings over the internet which reduces the rate of travelling from one city to another just for business meetings.

As a result, the platform is a popular video calling platform that is being used by millions across the world.

Skype for Business remains a Unified Communications (UC) platform that is utilize for of business communications and online meetings.

In order words, Skype for Business conference call is a platform that users can use to communicate with more than two of their business partners close or far from them.

This can either be a voice conference call or a video conference call interface.

With the platform, the information shared at the period of the meeting is secured and cant be disclosed to any third party.

The benefit of Skype for Business

What can you really gain from making use of Skype for business? Alot can be benefited from using this platform as it help you connect with co-workers or business associates from any where:

  • Skype for business helps you records and achieves meetings, messages, conference sessions, and sign-in logs.
  • Dial-in conferencing enables users to call into a Skype for Business
  • It has a public switched telephone network (PSTN) calling telephone service which includes calls to non-Skype users.
  • Auto attendants system that can answer and routes inbound calls.

From its usage, you can get more benefit from it.

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Can I get Skype for Business for Free?

If you are trying to make use of Skype just of calls, is free for users, but the video call feature requires subscription.

Skype users will have to subscribe in order to have Conference calls. Skype for business has generally two (2) subscription plans available for users.

There may include additional licenses in order to access all of the features for Skype for Business.

Skype for Business Account Setup

There is a need to download the Skype for Business App using your mobile or your computer thereafter, you will set up your Skype for Business using this instruction:

  • You will have to make a plan and purchase for Skype for business online.
  • Sign in to your office 365 account: You will receive an email from the Microsoft Online Services Team that will contain the Microsoft 365 user ID you have created during the purchase of the Skype for business online. Then sign in to the admin center and enter your Microsoft 365 user ID and password.
  • Set up your domain and users: After you have signed in your Microsoft 365 account, you can set up your domain and company workers in your organization
  • Then you set up your Instant Messaging (IM) and presence in your organization: Here you will have to choose who else your Skype for Business users can communicate with and also who sees whether co-workers are online.
  • After which you download and install Skype for Business.
  • You can also set up other features on the Skype for Business App you’ve downloaded. Which includes the setting up of your audio conferencing, setting up the phone system and the calling plans in Office 365, and setting up Skype Meeting Broadcast.

And these steps will get you started using Skype for Business to do Conference calls.

How to Conference Call On Skype for Business

Here is the guide on how to make a Conference Call On Skype for Business

  • Visit Skype then, from the Skype for Business main window, Go to your contact list
  • Once you are there, hold down your Ctrl key and click on the names of your contacts to select them for you to meet. While for your mobile you can just tap and hold a contact name after which you can select other contact names you want to add to the conference meeting.
  • Then right-click the selection and click Start a Conference call on your computer. On your mobile, you just tap on the menu and tap on Start a Conference call, and then, Click on Skype Call.

Immediately your call will be placed across to the contacts you’d like to make the conference with.

Conference Call on Skype Adding More People to Conference Call

In order to add more people to your Skype for Business call, you will have to drag their names to the

meeting from your contact list but if you dont which to do that, you can add them using the guide below;

Click on “Invite More People” in the conversation window located at the Participants pane,

After that, select the person you want to add from the list and then click on “OK”.

The platform will call the person for you and they will be added to the meeting that’s all.

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