The Pros and cons of a Husbands – Advantage and Disadvantage

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The Pros and cons of a Husbands – Advantage and Disadvantage

… I believe in this world that their is no marriage that is completely perfect, reason been that, the husbands and wives came from different families,posses different characters,different preference. What is more important is how best a woman can manage the cons or flaws of his husband.

This draw me back to our peace and conflict resolution textbook which says that we have two types of conflict which are traceable and intractable. The traceable aspect of it can be resolved but the intractable cannot be resolved so must be managed.
This is applicable to marriage, any flaws of your husband which you cannot change, you have to live with it. Remember marriage is a life commitment, and your husband’s flaw should not make you run away from your marriage.
I have also discovered that all the husbands in this world have exactly the same characters using my own dad as a case study.

The Pros and cons of a Husbands – Advantage and Disadvantage

Whenever he gets any hints that mum is in possession of any cash,he will tell her to use it for the household’s most pressing needs(food stuff). My uncle as well will always command his wife to transfer her money to his account whenever she receives any alert,it does not show or mean that they don’t love their wives.
From investigations,researches ,interrogations and my meetings with different families, I discovered many pros and cons of husbands and they are listed below.

Advantages of a Husband

Kind and affectionate *funny,*helps a lot around the house (some) most a times,wakes before his wife to prepare breakfast.
*offers assistance with things*asks if he can do anything to make his wife’s day lovely.*Some like taking their wives out often or cooking together.*some likes musics and dance,*some are good with communication always check on their wives to say hi or tell them what they are up to.*they don’t get upset with money.*always handsome so far as the money is there.
Not confrontational puts up with their wives moodiness*forgiving and does not hold grudges*having funs with their wives*doing things willingly with their wives even when they do not necessarily like to do it *trust and loves their wives*they do nice things that are thoughtful like buying presents, surprising their spouse, filling gas,getting groceries *they are protective etc.
as I said earlier, their is no marriage without it’s flaws,Husband as the head of the families thinks highly of themselves and don’t see any wrong in whatsoever thing they do.

The Pros and cons of a Husbands – Advantage and Disadvantage

Disadvantages of a husband

*they wouldn’t tell their wives when they are angry,irritated or bordered even when they admit that they are angry, it will obviously  be written on their faces,standing shaking with rage and shouting on their wives*it is hard for them to admit and correct their faults,they thought that all they does is perfect (self righteousness) even when they vow to change the attitude.
“Making empty promises* Some turned their wives into sex machine” they don’t regard their wives opinion*some expresses their anger passive aggressively such as sharp and fussy body language, clipped language, slammed cabinets, forgetting things important to their wives.*some of them Cannot handle emotions when their wives are sad or depressed.
They wouldn’t talk about the elephant in the room (when he have misunderstanding with their wives earlier in the day)he will never bring it up so that it will be resolved. Unfaithfulness is their watchword(most of them) Lack of sympathy.
Lack of emotional intimacy*addicted to things like alcoholic drinks, snuff,weed etc*always silent when their wives are talking, or sharing experiences, views, thoughts etc*excessive bawling,*constant nagging* in some occasions battering.
This is not to discourage yet to marry girls or to support some wives but this to tell you that men have something  in common.
So many families are divided because of lack of understanding, Remember before entering into the great institution called “MARRIAGE” it is for better for worst. Learn to tolerate your man,never relent in giving him advice. Don’t run away from your marriage because of his bad characters.


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