Yandex Email – How to Sign Up for Yandex Mail Account

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Yandex Email – How to Create Yandex Mail Account on Mobile Device

If you have been looking for email service that will greatly offer you good email experience, the Yandex mail is one that you should think of.

Yandex mail is one that provide users with an excellent service through their powerful devices which include web access, mobile apps, POP, and also IMAP access and of course, Unlimited storage.

The Yandex mail services offers unlimited storage space for your usage and to be able to have access you will need to generate an account with them.

The Yandex email account is easy to create, you will be offered unlimited mailbox, file storage with a nice and great interface, and others.

you will also, have full access to the other services or products that are owned by the platform and make efficient use of them.

Yandex Mail

This is a secured platform a mail service provider which can be personalized to your choice.

The service offers unlimited storage space to users, you can set a timer so you can write them ahead of time. And with your Yandex mail account, you can access the other products that it offers.

Yandex Mail Account Inbox

With Yandex inbox you can receive message right on your account. Yandex email is very easy and fast to create and that’s why I will be showing you how to create your own email and organize your inbox.

To create your email, you can use the web or mobile app and will be guiding on how to create.

Yandex makes their mail service handy for your mobile device making you receive and access your inbox and mails easily as it provides secure protection from spam and viruses.

For a quick and easy access you will need to get Yandex mail app on your device and it is compatible all device iOS and Android devices and more.

To use the mobile app, you need to have it on your device, below is how to download.

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How to Download Yandex Mail App

In order to to download the app, go to your app store and type in Yandex Mail. Once the result of your search term is pops out, tap on the first Mail app to load its information page.

After that, tap on “install” to get. Immediately, the Yandex mail application will be downloaded and installed on your device. Now you have the app, let’s move to create your very first Yandex email account.

How to Sign Up for Yandex Mail on Device

The steps to creating Yandex are simple and they are as follow;

Create an Account via Desktop

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Enter your first name and last name, create a Login (your Yandex email address).
  • Type a password into the field provided for it and confirm it by retyping it on the other text box.
  • Provide your mobile number and then click on “Register”.

Your account will be created then follow the on-screen instructions that will be shown, and input the code that will be sent to your number this will help verify your account.

Creating an account on Yandex Mail app;

  • Launch the app and tap on “Sign Up”.
  • Type in your name.
  • Create your username which will be your Yandex email/login/
  • Enter a password and reenter to confirm it.
  • Provide your phone number or use a security question instead if you do not have a number.
  • An image with certain characters will be shown, enter the characters from the picture, and tap on “Register”.

A confirmation code will be sent to confirm the new account that has just been created on the platform.

Once all that is done, you can now start making use of the app write emails, save and share your files, find the stuff you want, get directions, and also use other services. That’s ALL…

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