Credit Rating and Fee – Credit Rating Scores, Credit Card Review

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Credit Rating and Fee – Credit Rating Scores, Credit Card Review

In this piece of write up, we will be talking about the credit rate and fee.


Here is a credit card review as our discussion will focus on interest rate and fee.

On finishing this post you will know how to build a good credit history in order not to incur more dept.

As you make use of the card, always ensure to take your credit score high, and make sure you opt for the best credit card. Because, it’s one very good method not to incur dept.

Credit Rating Define

Credit rating is an estimate of the ability of a person or organization to fulfill their financial commitments, based on formal dealings. Dictionary Define.

It could also be stated to be an evaluation of the credit risk of a potential debtor, predicting their capacity to pay back the debt, and an implicit

forecast of the chance of the debtor defaulting which could affect your credit scores.

Credit Rating Scores

How to Build your Credit Score to Avoid Bad Debt

get this right I believe the best way to build credit is by getting credit and taking your credit score high and handle it well. At this point, it is essential you go for a secure credit card.

You can also manage your credit card is to make sure you always pay fast payment of your credit.

When you make your payment on time, it enables you increasing your credit score.

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Thus, if you default, you will be reported and it will have a negative effect on your credit score.

If you want credit card with a less strict credit rule, consider Retail store credit card Issuer because approval is easy.

If you want to apply ensure to start with a single credit card when you are applying. Too many credit cards may affect your ability to manage your credit score.

Credit Card Interest Rate and Fee.

To all credit cards there are different interest rate and fee structure. You will have to the basics

of how credit card interest rates work and what fee you are expected to pay at the stipulated time.

Credit Card Finance Charge

Failure to pay back your credit in full, will attracts finance charge.  Make sure you know these finance Changes and how you go about them.

Note that they are not stable they varies base on balance and your interest rate.

Credit Rating and Fee – Billing and Payment

Here, you will have to know about the billing and payment system of any credit card you are going for.

It might lead you to a huge dept if you do not have a full knowledge on how the payment and billing of your credit card are done.

Credit Card Approval What to do To Get Approved

If you are ready for a credit card then you should know the process of getting Approved.

Every credit card application comes with its various criteria for getting users approved. Make sure you know what to do to prevent been rejected.

To get approved,

Applicant must be 18 years or above, your mailing address must be correct. In addition, know that each credit card comes with a certain credit limit.

Except as a user you are opt-in to having over-the-limit charges processed, your credit card will be rejected for any purchase that would put you over your credit limit.

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