Facebook Messenger Free Download – How do I send or receive money in Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Free Download – How do I send or receive money in Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a feature of facebook used to chat and send message to friends, colleagues and family it is a messaging service created by

Facebook for easy communication for users online aside from your normal phone sms.

The chat app and platform is not just limited to calls, group chat, chat, share and Many more. 

In this write up, You will get to know how you can freely download messager app in your device all done at ease and for free.

Facebook Messenger Free Download

Facebook Messenger known by all even as an app owned by Facebook to serve as a direct link to chat with friends.

Here, its functions  is highly differentiated from that of the  main Facebook platform its just like a help meet of the main facebook. 

Thus, the Messenger app  is used for sending and receiving messages, exchange of images, videos, audio, stickers and also files.

Users can reply messages and communicate with bots. Again, the  app also  supports multiple accounts, conversations with end to end encryption.

Facebook Messenger App

Once you have Facebook app on your mobile device, a lot and more can be done with it like it can be used to  send and as well request money from

friends and family This new feature is a very convenient way of sending and receiving funds online.

With facebook messenger, you can be able to do the following;

·  As a user, you can free video and voice calls in as much as you have internet connection

·  You are offered unlimited texting with friends and family

·  Express yourself with GIFs, Emojis and Stickers.

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·  Send and receive pictures, files, and videos.

·  Make record and send out voice ad video messages.

·  Turn off the light on your Messenger with the dark mode.

·  Share your Location with your friends to arrange meetups.

Also, you can connect and chat with businesses or your favorite celebrities and brands.

Facebook Messenger App Download

below is how you can get to download the a virtually from all device just with your internet service

·  Open Google Play or Apple App Store and type in Facebook Messenger on the search engine.

·  Tap on the first Messenger app that would be shown on the result page.

·  The page for download would be loaded, now tap on “Install”.

For a user to send or receive funds on the app,there is a need to access your facebook account with your login info

Login On Facebook Messenger

Signing in to your Messenger app is simple, all you need is your Facebook account details. To sign in, follow the simple steps below;

·  On your mobile device, make open the app if you are not automatically signed in, enter your login details to do so.

·  Fill in your email ID or Mobile phone number and password and click on on Sign In”.

If your login details are correct, you will be logged in.

Requirement to Send Money on Facebook Messenger to Friends and Family

To be able to utilize this service, set up an account on Facebook Platform and the app if possible.

To carry out these transactions, you must residing in the US with a US bank-issued Visa or MasterCard (Debit) or PayPal.

Age; 18 and above

Guideline to Add your Card and Send Money to Friends on Messenger

·  On your Messenger profile, scroll to the down to locate “Payments”

·  Tap on the “Payments” option and then “Add New Debit Card”. Then follow the on-screen instructions to commence.

Start a Conversation with the person you’d like to send the funds to. Then to make the transaction or payment, follow below;

·  Tap on the three dots in the box (rectangular in shape). The payment option would be there. Or a “$” sign.

·  Then enter the amount alongside a description for the money or funds.

·  Then, tap “Pay”.

To request money, tap on “Request” at the top of the screen. Fill in the amount of money you’d like to request for and reason.

Then tap on the “Request” button. Your request invoice would be sent.

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