Yahoo Mail App / How to Create Yahoo Mail -Add Yahoo Mail to the iOS 11 Mail App

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Yahoo Mail App / How to Create Yahoo Mail -Add Yahoo Mail to the iOS 11 Mail App

Yahoo mail app is an app that  effortlessly arranges your Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo accounts. here, yahoo mail app is designed with a stunning interface, which is easily readable and clearly laid out.

Your folders and options, appear in a panel on the right with your list of mails displaying next to this.

As a result,  it offers access to its user to go through their inbox at all time regardless of the location just with the use off their mobile device.

Thus, It also offers and offers 1,000 GB of free cloud storage which will not require you to delete your file before saving a new files.

Yahoo Mail App -How to Add Yahoo Mail to the Mail App in iOS 10

Setting up  Yahoo Mail account for sending and receiving emails in iPhone Mail:

  • First click on  Settings on the iPhone home screen.
  • Secondly, go to your Mail.
  • Also click on Accounts.
  • Again click on Add Account.
  • Then select Yahoo
  • Type your name under Name.
  • Type your full Yahoo Mail address under Address.
  • Enter your Yahoo Mail password under Password.
  • Tap Next.
  • You will see choices for accessing Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes for this Yahoo account. Slide the indicator to green for On for each that you want to access on the iPhone.
  • Make sure Mail is On to receive email in iPhone Mail.
  • Finally, click save.

Yahoo Mail App-How to Add Yahoo Mail to the iOS 11 Mail App

To set up the iPhone to send and receive Yahoo Mail messages in iOS 11:

  • Click on settings on the iPhone home screen.
  • Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords and tap it.
  • Select Add Account.
  • Click on the Yahoo logo on the screen that opens.
  • Type your full Yahoo email address in the field provided and tap Next.
  • Type your Yahoo Mail password in the field provided and tap Sign In.
  • Also confirm the indicator next to Mail is in the On position. If not, tap it to activate it. Then get the indicators next to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, or Notes to the On position if you want them to appear on your iPhone.
  • Finally, click on save.

How to Delete your Yahoo Mail Account

One can delete your Yahoo Mail App (account) from the Mail app follow the simple guide below:

click Delete Account. at the bottom of your screen  if you click it, you receive a notice that deleting your account will remove the calendars, reminders, and contacts from your iPhone that were imported from the Yahoo account. At this point, you can choose to delete the account from your iPhone or cancel the action.

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